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ICAN to ACCA – Getting your ACCA qualification with ICAN, in Nigeria.

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

ICAN to ACCA richmond okezie

The ACCA qualification is beneficial to get for many reasons, one of which is the global career outlook. You can see the comparison between ICAN & ACCA here. If you’re looking at practicing Accounting at a global scale, working in transnational companies, or just moving out of Nigeria, to say, the UK, Canada or Australia, then you should strive to get your ACCA qualification.

As an ACA or ICAN associate, you can apply for the ACCA qualification, get exemption, sit for a few papers and get your qualification. Using the Exemptions Calculator from ACCA site, holders of ICAN qualification are entitled to the following exemptions;

Knowledge Module:

  • Accountant in Business (AB) – F1

  • Management Accounting (MA) – F2

  • Financial Accounting (FA) – F3

Skills Module:

  • Corporate and Business Law (LW) – F4

  • Performance Management (PM) – F5

  • Taxation (TX) – F6

  • Financial Reporting (FR) – F7

  • Audit and Assurance (AA) – F8

  • Financial Management (FM) – F9

How many papers will you write?

You will be writing 4 papers to finish and obtain your ACCA qualification;


  • Strategic Business Reporting

  • Strategic Business Leader


  • Advanced Financial Management

  • Advanced Performance Management

  • Advanced Taxation (UK)

  • Advanced Audit and Assurance (INT)

This is for the basic ACCA qualification. If you want to earn the B.Sc. degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University in addition to the ACCA qualification, then you must forfeit the above courses and write the following ones;

  • Financial Reporting FR – F7

  • Audit and Assurance AA – F8

  • Financial Management FM – F9

You need to register and apply for these exemptions at the ACCA website. See here.

For an idea of the fees and exam schedule, see details here.

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