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The tent business; post-Covid opportunities in Nigeria and the UK.

I was out for a run on a regular Monday morning and noticed how tents were springing up at different locations in the city. I had noticed a few some days back, but more have now been erected at different spots in the city. So, I took pictures of some it. I counted around 6 tents at different locations on my run route. See more pictures below.

If you're wondering why this is happening not only in my city, but other cities as well, it is because of social distancing and the new measures introduced by different governments to businesses now that economies are opening, and lockdowns have been lifted. Specifically, businesses in the hospitality space and businesses that are consumer focused - where lots of people gather, this also includes religious organizations and places of worship. Gyms, restaurants, hotels, parks, etc. As can be seen from the pictures, these tents have chairs and tables set for people to use and still maintain social distancing.

The business opportunity here is massive. The guys in construction, design, fitting and decoration must be trying to keep up with the surge in the demand for their services. Businesses are reopening, and lots of them are refitting spaces with these tents and extra structures.

In Nigeria, imaging the impact religious houses alone will have with this. Churches & mosques in Lagos now making moves to redesign their worships spaces to accommodate social distancing. If you're someone in the industry, this is surely something you want to get in front now fast. From the design, to fitting, to materials and equipment supply, to logistics. If you're new to the business, you might want to do your research and find out where you can fit in, contracting and project management seems like a good place - where you find the contract for these tents and fittings and handle the project. Sourcing the equipment or materials could also be another place, where you identify supply sources at wholesale prices, then reach out to potential clients and have them preorder these materials.

Now is definitely the time to do the business development. Start calling up the businesses and pitch them your solution, show them designs and costs, construction time and materials. Start making the calls now.

On materials sourcing, for those in the Eastern & Southern part of Nigeria, Aba is a good place to look. There is a big tent market in Aba, on the roadside going to Port Harcourt. I believe there is a tent market in Lagos. Just search and identify viable sources both within and outside the country, depending on which clientele you wish to serve or appeal to.

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