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Top 10 ways Nigerian writers can earn money in 2020.

top 10 ways Nigerian writers can earn money in 2020 Richmond Okezie

Here are 10 ways Nigerian writers can earn money in 2020.

1. Enter Writing Contests

Bestselling author Jerry Jenkins has a great, up-to-date list of free writing contests that you can enter right now. See here

2. Apply for Grants

If you’re in need of free money, or something to help with your next book, networking or valuable exposure, check out these grants. See here

3. Start Freelance Writing

Writing, editing, proofreading, transcribing and more are some of the most demanded freelancing skills. Sign up to Upwork, Fiverr and WritersWork. See a list of 100 individual freelance writing gig opportunities. See here

4. Tutor people in writing

Create Telegram or Whatsapp groups and charge a fee to teach people about writing.

5. Create an Online Course for others in the Writing Community.

Here, you create a course, and people can always buy it to learn anytime. You can create a course in African Literature for instance and sell it. Check this place out.

6. Do Writing Telejobs.

Check Problogger, ZipRecruiter and Flexjobs, they publish new telejobs or freelance opportunities daily. See here, here and here.

7. Write Articles for Websites.

If you’re a serious writer then you already know there are tons of sites that’d pay you to write articles. Check out the best sites that’d pay you to write articles online.

8. Become a Copywriter.

If you enjoy writing in the world of advertising, then you should look at developing and exploring opportunities in Copywriting. Check out this link.

9. Create a Monetized Blog. See how to here.

10. Publish Your Book as an E-book.

If you’ve already written a print book or have an unpublished book, you can still publish them as e-book. Check out these sites to help you. Check here, here and here.

Sell the e-book. There are many sites for this too.

If the book moves, then you can consider turning it into an Audiobook too.

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